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For many years, KIVOTOPOULOS S.Μ.S.A. has been offering reliable and tested solutions in response to the following challenges:


  1. Maximum resistance to tear and abrasion
  2. Low swelling in degreasing media
  3. Maximum chemical resistance to metal foil lubricating agents
  4. Special surface treatment to improve metal foil friction
  5. Elastomers with operating temperature up to 170°C
  6. Excellent dynamic performance for linear speeds up to 900 m/min
Κιβωτόπουλος βιομηχανία μετάλλου και αλουμινίου



Rubber coated rollers in this industry have to serve three basic functions:


  1. transfer, guide and align the material being transferred;
  2. help in the disposal of any excess material, such as water, adhesive, etc.;
  3. coat various chemical solutions, as well as print.


Paper industry imposes high standards where rubber rollers are in use, especially in those parts of the machines where high pressures are exerted in combination with high temperatures. A wide range of elastomeric compounds is used in this industry, capable of dealing with a series of adverse production conditions.

Κιβωτόπουλος βιομηχανία μεταποίησης χάρτου
Κιβωτόπουλος κλάδος συσκευασίας



Depending on the linear speeds of your production process, our technical department can recommend the use of low inertia cores made of aluminum or composite materials (GRP, GRE, CFRP).


Our solutions may offer you:

  1. Ozone resistance
  2. Low friction
  3. Operational temperatures up to 130°C
  4. Surface roughness up to 0.6 Ra
  5. Antistatic properties
  6. Dynamic properties
  7. Anti-adhesive properties
Κιβωτόπουλος κλάδος εκτυπώσεων



In cooperation with foreign firms, KIVOTOPOULOS S.Μ.S.A. has developed a series of rubber compounds that can meet even the most demanding needs for applications in modern graphic arts, and has the required technical staff capable of offering immediate, reliable solutions.

Κιβωτόπουλος κλάδος κλωστοϋφαντουργίας και non-woven



Rollers with elastomeric coverings always played a key role in textile production and treatment industry; for this reason, they should comply with high standards.


The resistance capacity of these coatings in a variety of chemical solutions and concentrates, along with their ability to operate within a wide temperature and mechanical stress range -often found in modern textile production- are complicated, crucial issues.



Wood industry uses rubber-coated rollers that must be manufactured with great precision.


Particularly the quality of rubber coating compounds must comply with all necessary specifications. For example,

  1. in adhesive rollers, uniformity in the geometrical features of rollers, in combination with specific groovings on the rubber surface must ensure even coating of adhesive with great dosing precision for the manufacturing of plywood boards;
  2. in applicator and lacquering rollers, homogeneity of the mass of rubber compounds is crucial for the final quality.
Επικαλύψεις κυλίνδρων ελαστικό, πολυουρεθάνη, σύνθετες επικαλύψεις



Anti-corrosive linings are among those demanding applications that need a high level of expertise.


In other words, they need an ability of investigating the right parameters that will determine the selection of appropriate materials and techniques, to achieve an integrated and reliable result.


Thanks to our long experience and expertise in the sector of corrosive protection, we have managed to become an expert, reliable and trustworthy provider of technological solutions.

We build trust relationships with our customers.
KIVOTOPOULOS S.Μ.S.A. offers the innovation, credibility, and quality of a large manufacturer, as well as the flexibility and personal service of a daily partner.