Kivotopoulos S.M.S.A. joined the “In the Loop” platform

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Kivotopoulos S.M.S.A. joined the “In the Loop” platform

Kivotopoulos S.M.S.A. becomes part of the environmentally targeted platform “In the Loop” and puts into practice the circular economy.


Kivotopoulos S.M.S.A. will undertake the systematic collection of plastic waste, direct it to the “In the Loop” platform, so that through the upgraded recycling of ThraceGroup new sustainable products shall be produced.


The “In the Loop” platform is an initiative of Thrace Group that strengthens the cooperation between companies, brands, public bodies, environmental organizations and consumers, and designs specialized closed-loop recycling systems, thus closing the life cycle of plastics.


For more information about the platform “In the Loop” click here: In the Loop | A platform for upcycling plastic waste | .




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